Revolution Empire Book 1: History Never Retreats by Rob Travalino

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Imagine a tense and brutally relevant, fractured parallel dystopia where the American Revolution is blended with contemporary society and then retold through the eyes of teen re-creations of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and the entire cast of characters from America’s revolutionary past.

Told mainly through the eyes of 17-year-old rebel leader Donovan Rush, treasonous Colonial Lawbroker Lee Cruz, meddlesome imperial official Dr. Richard Franklin, and the mysterious colonial gang leader KZ Fayette, History Never Retreats is a captivating action mystery that draws a parallel between today’s youth attempting to understand the meaning of freedom and liberty in this society  and the struggle of 13 brave colonies that once united together against the tyranny of the king.

As students work through the study guide, they will be researching the Bill of Rights, portions of the Declaration of Independence, significant events of the Revolutionary War, and the contribution of historic people to see how their efforts relate to today.

A portion of the study guide is included with this newsletter as a sample of the enriching study it provides.

FREE When You Register Before 8/31/23!

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