High School Graduation Requirements

Minimum Credit Requirements

For a completely state-authorized diploma from NARHS, these are the minimum 17-1/2 credits required for graduation:


NOTE: Students are not limited to the minimum credits. Some students do NOT want to graduate with the minimum credits, some do. Some students want their transcripts fuller and richer with courses they love, or courses related to their chosen fields — so, they add more credits. Some students NEED to add additional courses in order to be accepted into the college they want. In such cases, students may greatly increase the value of their transcript, increasing the possibilities for scholarships, grants, and acceptance at more select colleges. A maximum of 8 credits per year is standard, although more can be earned with prior approval of the advisor

Special Note For Students Who Are Currently Taking College Level Courses:

For students who do not have a high school diploma, but who ARE taking college courses, there is a special provision for you. This may apply to some of the brighter and more ambitious students, especially students who are homeschooling and also in, in Dual Enrollment, Running Start, or similar programs. This could also apply to students who did not complete high school, but began community college courses, a nursing program, tech school, or other college program.

Maine Law allows another way to earn a high school diploma:
[CH 127, SECTION 7:02, SUBSECTION C (1) ]:
“A secondary school student who has satisfactorily completed the freshman year in an accredited degree-granting institution of higher education may receive a diploma from the school…although the student does not meet all diploma requirements in this rule. Such decisions shall be at the discretion of the superintendent of the school unit, in accordance with the policies of the school board.”

What does this mean?
NARHS can use this provision to the advantage of some of our students. Students who have earned the equivalent of one full year of college credit can be awarded a NARHS high school diploma without fulfilling all of the other course requirements. They simply complete the NARHS Registration Form, pay the Graduation Year tuition, and supply us with an official transcript from the colleges verifying their credits. The number of credits needed may vary, depending on the college from which they are issued. NARHS will decide what is needed for the student to prove that he or she completed the equivalent of their “Freshman Year of college.” Please call the business office for more details on this provision.

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