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High school for the homeschooler presents the additional challenge of accumulating credits towards graduation. Planning for your child to have as many options for pursuing these credits as possible is our recommendation.

The questions are: “Does our child need a high school credential? Where will it come from?”

North Atlantic Regional High School offers an avenue for receiving a high school credential in the form of a state-recognized diploma. High school course work through NARHS offers the student and parents an opportunity to select appropriate high school curriculum, online programs, or create self-designed courses that meet the needs of the student. Our Credential Management Services provide a means of tracking and advising the high school studies resulting in a state-authorized high school diploma from North Atlantic Regional High School. You maintain your choice of curriculum.

We assist homeschooling families in conforming to their state regulations regarding applications and annual reviews. We require daily record-keeping along with a dated, corrected, and organized portfolio of student work. We will help you prepare the other accompanying documents for review by our NARHS state-certified teachers, most of whom are also homeschooling parents!

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