NARHS is not restricted to students in any certain state(s). We are free to work with any family in any state. To be awarded a high school diploma, the student must fulfill the graduation requirements for our Maine high school diploma, regardless which state they live in.

Q. Will students still qualify for in-state tuition and state-sponsored scholarships?
A. Yes.

Your residency is determined by where you pay your taxes, where you pay your utility bills, where you are registered to vote, where your car is registered, etc. That is how in-state residency is established for scholarships and lower tuition rates, etc.

Your residency is not determined by who assists with your education program, including a homeschool program. For example, if you were to use the American School in Chicago to award credits to your students, your student would earn a diploma from Illinois. If you used the University of Nebraska High School Program (another correspondence school), the high school diploma would come from Nebraska. If you used Bob Jones University’s correspondence program, the diploma would come from South Carolina. And so on. But none of that changes your status as a homeschooler, and none of it changes your status as an in-state resident.